Beginning Clarinet

Beginning students should be at least 9 years old. They will be taught clarinet technique, music theory, clarinet care and maintenance, correct posture, breathing, tone, articulation and flute history. Beginners will purchase a book after the first lesson, as recommended by the instructor. Performing in the recitals is optional, and encouraged.

Intermediate Clarinet

Intermediate students will be challenged with solos, duets, music history, and more advanced clarinet techniques. Instructor will assist middle and high school students with current band/orchestra/church music, and preparing solos and scales for auditions into honor bands, college and performance groups. Other intermediate lesson options include sight reading and jazz clarinet technique. Performing in the recitals is encouraged, as well as performances in the community and with ensemble.

Clarinet Instruction with Milun Doskovic

Milun Doskovic received his Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance degree from the Music Academy of the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He also holds a graduate Professional Diploma in Clarinet Performance from Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford, CT, and a Masters Degree in Clarinet Performance from the School of Music, University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Milun performed a number of solo recitals in the United States and Europe and performed with numerous chamber music groups, symphony orchestras and new music groups in the United States and Yugoslavia, Milun is a winner of two national and federal competitions in solo clarinet and chamber music. In addition to playing in this trio he is also involved with the new music ensemble “City Water”.


  • When:
    Times depend on student and teacher availability.

  • Where:
    All lessons held at Music Bloom location.

  • Who:
    Clarinet instruction by Milun Doskovic

  • Tuition:
    30 minutes/week - $125 a month
    45 minutes/week - $150 a month
    60 minutes/week - $200 a month

  • Contact:


  • Milun Doskovic Milun Doskovic MA

    Clarinet & Saxophone Instructor