Guitar for Children

Guitar for ChildrenMusic Bloom's guitar program for children is designed to teach children music they care about while instilling proper technique and musicality.The guitar student will receive instruction on music reading, beautiful tone production, proper guitar technique, ear training and chords.

Learning a musical instrument is a challenging and rewarding experience. We recommend students practice everyday for at least 10 minutes and that parents/guardians remain activly involved in lessons and home practice.

Most children start guitar instruction on acoustic guitars allowing them to learn basics of chord placement and single note playing. Knowledge gained via the acoustic guitar can be transferred to the electric guitar when the student and guardian is ready.


Guitar for Teens & Adults

Music Bloom House BandMusic Bloom offers teens and adults the opportunity to learn the guitar while learning the songs they love. Students will learn to read music, chords, proper guitar technique and more while playing songs that interest them.




Free Guitar for New Students

Having a size appropriate, quality instrument is vital for a student's success. With the prepayment of 12 lessons ($300) Music Bloom will provide guitar students with a free guitar (electric or acoustic) that will stay in tune and that wont be a barrier for learning.

This offer good for acoustic guitar,bass and electric guitar students. Contact Music Bloom for more information. Restirctions do apply.


  • When:
    Times depend on student and teacher availability.

  • Where:
    All lessons held at Music Bloom location.

  • Who:
    Guitar instruction by Richard Flores

  • Tuition:
    30 minutes/week - $100 a month
    45 minutes/week - $150 a month
    60 minutes/week - $200 a month

  • Contact:


  • Richard Flores Richard Flores

    Owner & Guitar Instructor